Environmentalists are praising a new Dallas trash plan adopted by the City Council on Wednesday, but some people who've worked on it still have concerns.

"Dallas is only the second city in all of Texas to pass a zero waste plan for the long term and that’s great, that’s huge. That shows real environmental leadership," said Zac Trahan with Texas Campaign for the Environment.

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The Texas TV TakeBack Law has taken effect, and all television manufacturers selling products in the state have published their recycling programs for consumers. Similar to programs resulting from the previous Computer TakeBack Law, these manufacturer-based recycling options are listed on a state environmental agency website:



Today, our production and disposal system is unsustainable both in terms of the resources consumed and the wastes created. TCE Fund is working to create a fundamental shift in the way waste is conceived of and handled in the US. The Story of Electronics is a video created to promote responsible recycling in the electronics industry.

It is proxy season, which means all kinds of shareholder resolutions and protests are targeting some of America’s largest companies for a host of reasons. One company in the crosshairs is Walmart, the focus of organizations including the Texas Campaign for the Environment and Take It Back Walmart. Both organizations have published a letter to Walmart urging the discount retail giant to do more about e-waste.

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TCE Fund will be participating in Give 5 to support local business and local environmental groups! Shop at participating businesses who are donating 5% of gross sales on April 22nd in Austin and April 26th in Houston to benefit a collective of conservation and ecducation groups. Beneficiaries include Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund, Air Alliance Houston, Clean Water Fund, Urban Roots, Texas Land Conservancy, Bayou Land Conservancy, Galveston Bay Foundation, Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Friends of Barton Spring Pool and more!

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Staples brings responsible recycling across the U.S.
Photos of computer parts strewn across natural landscapes and workers standing amongst mounds of lead-laden parts are troubling reminders of the dark side of our love affair with electronic gadgetry and how little responsibility manufacturers and retailers have in dealing with their proper disposal. (Greenbiz.com)

Should Houston trash plans for "One Bin for All" waste collection?
The city of Houston is being urged to trash its proposal for a one bin garbage and recycling system. It may sound like a novel idea on the surface, but some say it's really a step backwards. (Public News Service - TX)

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Shopping Bags in March 2013
While other Texas cities like Brownsville, Fort Stockton and South Padre Island have all adopted their own versions of a ban, Austin is now the largest city in Texas to have prohibited the use of single-use shopping bags. (KUT News Austin)

Reliant Eco-Share Program Contributes to TCE Fund
Reliant Energy has launched a program that allows its customers to help reduce their carbon footprints through the purchase of carbon offsets. And for each customer-purchased offset, Reliant will make a contribution to EarthShare of Texas and its participating organizations, including Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund. Click here for more.


TCE is a proud member of the Make It, Take It campaign for sustainable packaging design. Texas cities spend millions of dollars disposing of non-recyclable packaging every year, so we should have a say in how those costs can be lowered.
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